Energy from fashion, identity from non-conformity, beauty from creativity...
Although Tom´s collections are impeccably cut and created with love and care, clothes are not at the core of Tom ́s universe. More important are attitudes, moods and statements. That ́s why music, art, performance, images and words have an important role in the whole package. Together with the clothes, those elements sum up, or rather clarify the kind of world TOM REBL wants to project. In an attempt to examine today ́s male psyche (and at the same time his own), he takes his inspiration from the rebellion of past and present and blends this with notions of traditions and roots.
The most important message Tom wants to communicate is: pride in individuality. No wonder then he has often voiced his concern about the rigid and dictatorial stance of the mainstream fashion system in the past. His clothes are both inspired by and designed for confident outsiders.



Born and raised in Germany, educated at the notorious Central Saint Martins College in London, Tom decided to establish the TOM REBL headquarters in 2008 in Italy, which is synonymous with outstanding quality, traditional tailoring and excellent craftsmanship.
The mixture of superb technical skills and Tom´s captivating creativity give his collections this extraordinary twist. The period in London before relocating to Italy were very influential in defining Tom’s significant style and international appeal. TOM REBL is known for his edgyness, which is loved by rock stars and people who like to cultivate an avant-garde reputation.